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» Servicing & Maintenance

At Wastewater Consultants, we provide a wide range of professional wastewater management solutions for Domestic and Commercial customers.

With years of experience in the wastewater industry, we specialise in the delivery of professional Servicing and Maintenance solutions. From installation of wastewater systems to carrying out inspections and performing routine maintenance services, our expert licenced team can do all this and more at a competitive price. We offer quotes for all work and guarantee fast turnaround times and quality workmanship on every job.

Working throughout Far North Queensland, our team is fully accredited and approved to handle all types of systems in the domestic and semi commercial sectors.


Our services include:

  • Soil Testing & System Design Reports
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Domestic Wastewater Systems
  • Septic Systems Supply Only
  • Wastewater Treatment System Routine Servicing
  • Septic System Pumpouts
  • Some General Plumbing and Drainage Services and Materials


At present, we service many wastewater and recycling systems every year, working with:

  • Domestic and Residential Dwellings, Duplexes, Villages and Multi-Unit Complexes
  • Primary Schools
  • Caravan Parks, Motorhome and Camping Grounds
  • Government Funded Organisations

To ensure a consistent, efficient and timely response to all clients, we have a reliable computer-generated program that alerts us to those systems that require routine quarterly servicing. This means we won’t miss an appointment and will always fulfil our duties to each and every customer and council.

Wastewater Consultants also services a range of Commercial Treatment Systems that require more in-depth work, including Water Analysis Test Samples and Compiling Assessment Reports.


Wastewater Treatment System Servicing Requirements

Did you know that in Australia, all wastewater treatment systems are required to be regularly serviced and maintained, as per the State Accreditation Approval and Local Council Regulations?

Aside from legislative compliance, regular servicing and maintenance of your treatment system is essential in ensuring that your system is operating correctly and successfully treating effluent before it is dispersed back into the environment.

Wastewater Consultants provides a variety of quality wastewater treatments and servicing options for domestic and commercial clients at competitive prices with guaranteed expert workmanship. With vast knowledge and experience in servicing of a wide range of different treatment system brands, our qualified wastewater personnel can inspect and assess the condition of your system and advise you of the best solution to rectify any issue.

What Is Involved in a Wastewater Treatment Plant Service ?

A wastewater treatment system service carried out by our service technicians is a process that can take up to 45 minutes to perform and report. Below is a summary of the steps that may be involved, depending on the type of system:

  1. Settleable solids test
  2. Chlorine free residue test
  3. Water clarity test
  4. Primary sludge test
  5. pH level test
  6. Replenishment of chlorine tablets if required
  7. Inspection of Land Application Area
  8. Inspection of internal system components
  9. Cleaning of filter and filter pads
  10. Air flow pressure test
  11. Sludge return line checked
  12. EPU polish filter cleaned and backwashed (Advanced Secondary systems only)

The Licenced Technician will assess the condition of the system and Report All Findings back to the Local Council Water and Wastewater Department.

For enquiries about our treatment system service options or to schedule your system in for regular servicing, please contact the Office.