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At Wastewater Consultants, we supply and install the most reliable and effective wastewater treatment and recycling systems and work closely with renowned Suppliers in the industry, including Everhard Industries.

Since 1926,  Everhard Industries is one of the best in the field, supplying products including:

  • Septic Tanks
  • Pump Wells
  • Aqua Nova Treatment Plants
  • System Accessories

Contact us today to discuss your wastewater treatment options, ranging from Primary Septic Systems utilising Septic Tank and Trenches through to Secondary and Advanced Secondary Aqua Nova systems and/or Advanced Enviro-Septic “AES” solutions.

‘Tanks Direct’ Poly Rainwater Tanks ( up to 25yr Warranty ), Molasses Tanks and Poly Farm Products.

Orange Pumps ( Australian Owned/Backed Company since 1996 ) – Full Suite of Bore, Pressure Pumps & Systems, Submersible Pumps, Some Farm Irrigation Pumps & Accessories.

Septic Safe Cleaning Chemical Range including Wastewater System Treatment Chemical – Ecocare Activator.