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Domestic Systems

Wastewater Consultants provides reliable and efficient domestic wastewater solutions throughout North QLD, installing systems for an affordable price. Committed to delivering products that are environmentally friendly, we guarantee high-quality systems that will benefit both you and the great outdoors.

Everhard Aqua-Nova Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS)

Offering a superior water treatment solution that’s perfect for all properties, the Everhard Aqua-Nova aerated wastewater recycling system can effectively recycle all used household water. As the ideal solution for anyone who wants to conserve water and use it responsibly, this environmentally friendly system will provide clean water that’s completely sanitised and ready for use.

The Everhard Aqua-Nova aerated wastewater recycling system is an innovative twin-tank system that treats the water with various digestive processes using naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes. The first stage involves anaerobic treatment, where bacteria break down any solid waste in an oxygen-free zone. This is followed by a clarifying process where the wastewater is passed into a disinfection chamber. The second stage sees the waste transferred to an oxygenated area where more bacteria work aerobically to complete the digestion process. Once the water is free from all waste, a submersible pump discharges the reusable water into the outdoor disposal area.

Advanced Enviro-Septic “AES” Wastewater System

An alternative option to the traditional Aqua-Nova systems, the recently introduced AES Wastewater Treatment System has been passed by Australian standards to deliver Secondary and Advanced Secondary treated wastewater without the additional costs of electricity and maintenance.

The innovative system purifies wastewater within system pipes by utilising an effective, natural process before dispersing the treated water into the underlying soil. Suspended solids are retained in the pipes so that the effluent is treated in a manner that prevents sealing the underlying soil. The rising and falling of effluent in the pipes enhances bacterial activity so that bacteria will attach itself to the pipe walls and then feed on any pollutants found in the effluent. The result is tertiary quality effluent safely infiltrated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Septic Systems Installations

In addition to our other Products and Services, Wastewater Consultants are a specialist in the Supply and Installation of All Types of Septic Wastewater Systems.

We provide:

  • Septic Tanks
  • ETA Bed Materials
  • Trench Domes
  • PVC Pipe
  • Pump Wells and Pumps
  • Distribution Boxes
  • Geotextile Fabric


While Septic Tanks and Trenches are less commonly installed today, our team have the skills and experience to expertly install whatever you need.

If you are able to get a Primary Septic Tank installed, there must be a minimum 50m separation distance from all intermittent watercourses, bore holes, gullies and creeks on your property. This is a key reason why they’ve become so unpopular. Many plumbers prefer not to install them as they must now be guaranteed to last for 15 years against trench and disposal failure. At Wastewater Consultants, we work in conjunction with a long-established and respected Supplier, Everhard Industries ( since 1926 ), so you can always expect reliable and quality products. An Everhard Aqua-Nova Wastewater Treatment System is the perfect choice if you want to replace an out-dated Septic Tank & Trench.

Fitted with an innovative twin-tank recycling system, this product will produce clean water whilst reducing the bacterial count from 10 million to less than 100, reducing the risk of infection by more than 99.99%.